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Photorealistic | Botanical | Watercolours

Original artwork by Sherry Mitchell, SFCA



Botanical painting and illustration has a long and storied history; the first example was produced in the early 500s A.D. Many early works were produced with medicinal purpose in mind, but over the centuries the appeal of classical botanical illustration has maintained interest and has expanded into one of today’s popular contemporary art forms.

I am keenly aware of the changes that are occurring in our natural world today, the challenges our botany is undergoing and the urgency in which it requires protection and documentation. My work seeks to educate people about botany and our natural world, and to assist in the documentation of both thriving flora and endangered species.



Large Works

Botanical painting is timeless, and deserves to be shown throughout your home. In this section you’ll find a selection of contemporary botanicals, in an array of colours and sizes to fit today’s ever-changing decor. And you may even find a few paintings that introduce other subjects dear to my heart. Enjoy!



Small WOrks

These smaller works have become one of my trademarks; people love the decorating versatility they allow by hanging any number of them vertically or horizontally, in those pesky little spaces that can be difficult to fill.

You’ll find a small selection of these increasingly popular little gems in this section. I’ve done dozens over the years, and I’m always happy to entertain requests if you have a special plant or plants you’d like to hang on your walls.


“I love the fact that most people can relate to my work because the images and subjects are immediately recognizable. My work doesn’t require elaborate explanations to give it meaning.”