I grew up in the seaside village of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, which is on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I was brought up in a family that loved all things botanical, and consequently the inspiration for most of my paintings has been native plants and flowers of the Pacific northwest. I absolutely love realism, and my paintings are termed photorealistic, in that they are incredibly accurate representations of the subjects. Many paintings take on abstract qualities, but I am always aware of the realistic construct upon which the compositions are based, and every painting celebrates light, shadow, shape and colour.

I love the fact that most people can relate to my work because the images and subjects are immediately recognizable. My work doesn’t require elaborate explanations to give it meaning. Much of my work features natural subjects that people often miss seeing when they take walks and travels. That’s really what my painting is all about – the beauty and intricacy in nature, but that we often don’t take time to appreciate. The challenge of creating these images that look three-dimensional on the two-dimensional surface is exciting, because the strong contrasts of light and shadow make the subjects jump off the paper.

That’s really what my painting is all about – the beauty and intricacy in nature...

Over the years I’ve worked to become a Senior Signature Member (SFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and an Active member of the International Guild of Realism, based in Arizona, U.S.A. I am also a published botanical and children’s book illustrator. I’ve had my work included in regional, national and international juried exhibitions and have received awards in many of these venues.

I’m always gratified when people appreciate my work enough to purchase it and enjoy it in their homes or workspaces. I have been fortunate to have paintings hanging across Canada as well as in many U.S. states and a number of other countries around the world.

I maintain a small studio space in my home at Eaglecrest, a residential community that’s part of Qualicum Beach. I’m always happy to have people stop by for a look and a chat.